Sam's Corner

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Major Contributions to the Martial Arts

  • First to introduce contact forms, contact with weapons, soft style and hard style self defense, prearranged sparring team katas, obstacle coarse, and musical katas at tournaments.
  • First one to implement a new point system to award fighters for their effort in executing more difficult techniques in their sparring.
  • Requires his judges to be able to perform their basic forms and truly understand judging before they step into the ring as a judge.
  • Mr. Price was second only to Roger Carpenter to have a standard belt test that was based upon mental and physical abilities in which one earned their belt rather than just giving it to them.
  • Instructed Judges to wear a standard color uniform instead of street clothes hence the blue uniform that you see today.
  • Invented the the "U-Tug" Machine which is used in all of his tournaments.

In May 2008 Sam Price was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his contribution to the martial arts industry. He received a doctorate in the martial arts and received the "Living Legend" and "Lifetime Achievement Award".